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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your products online?

We don’t sell our products online at the moment. However, this option may be available at a future date. If you’re interested in one of our flooring products or services, please visit us at the store as soon as possible.

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How much does the installation cost?

We don't give installation quotes before taking a look at the floor in question. Factors such as the solidness of the floor, the size, fitting style, etc, can have a bearing on the price. We have a free in-home quotation service so you won't get any surprises later.

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Does the installation come with a guarantee?

Our installation work is done by professionals who have worked for our company exclusively for several years. They work under the supervision of the company owners and ensure that the work is done to your entire satisfaction.

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Are the products guaranteed?

All the products we install are premium quality and carry the manufacturers’ warranty.

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Do you offer in-home decorating services?

We don't offer in-home decorating services at the moment, but you can consult our designer at the store at no cost . Bring your photos and samples and we'll be pleased to help you choose paint color, flooring, blinds and many other products.

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We don’t want to spend all our savings on our
floors. How can you help us?

We deal with a number of distributors and manufacturers every day and are thus able to offer a wide range of products for all budgets. We also have a warehouse and can purchase large quantities of quality flooring at competitive prices.

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What floor maintenance product should I use?

Our store carries a wide range of specialized products for all floor types. The products are specially designed to increase the life span of your flooring. Don’t hesitate to use these products or consult our experts to find the product that best meets your needs.

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Nearly 60 years ago

Nadon et Fils inc. was founded nearly 60 years ago. The family company started off with just a roll of sheet flooring and has become the most prominent flooring retailer in the region. Throughout the company's 60-year history, the builders of Nadon et Fils inc. have worked tirelessly to take the company to great heights.

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