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About us

Company origins

Nadon et Fils inc. was founded 60 years ago. The family company started off with just a roll of sheet flooring and has become the most prominent flooring retailer in the region. Throughout the company's 60-year history, the builders of Nadon et Fils inc. have worked tirelessly to take the company to great heights.

The origins of Nadon et Fils inc. were very humble. Annette and Philias Nadon, originally from Angers and Perkins respectively, owned a general store in Angers from 1934 to 1953. The business was known as Magasin Général PH Nadon. The couple then left the general store and bought a farm in Angers.

Tile installers

The Nadons’ extraordinary venture into flooring began in 1956. Réal, one of the Nadons’ son, was looking for a job and went to work as a tile installer for an Ottawa-based construction entrepreneur. A few weeks later, Philias and a second son Yvain followed in Réal’s footsteps and began their career as tile installers. Philias’ wife Annette made a tremendous contribution to the family as in addition to taking care of her 12 children, she also managed the farm with the help of the oldest children while Philias worked in flooring installation. In 1959, Annette’s sister Yvette Horton was visiting the Nadons and floated the idea of the couple establishing their own business in Buckingham. Philias and Annette liked the idea, visited a small facility (which they rented for $80 per month) and decided to establish their own business, making do with whatever was at hand.

Tuile Buckingham Tile went into business in June 1959 at 549, rue Principale. Clients came in for linoleum, tiles, paint and wallpaper.

The big move

Eight years after the promising start, the Nadons bought the property at 137 rue Joseph, where the store is presently located and the company's business activities were transferred to the new premises. The move also marked a growth in the company's business as the Nadons were forced to expand twice, in addition to owning a warehouse across the road due to space requirements and to meet the needs of a growing clientele.

The company now has a 6,000 sq.ft. warehouse to serve its clients. The company changed its name to Nadon et Fils inc. in 1969. Philias and Annette wanted to pass on the entrepreneurship spirit to their twelve children (seven boys and five girls) and eight of the children went into the flooring business - Roger and Léo in Varennes, René in Gatineau, Gilles in Angers and Réal, Yvain, Ginette and Henri-Paul in Buckingham. You can just picture the family Christmas dinners!

Stepping down

Philias and Annette Nadon left the business in 1986 for a well-deserved retirement, leaving the company in the hands of Henri-Paul, Ginette, Réal and Yvain, who were already involved in the family business. Regrettably, a year later, Annette, the founder of this big family, died after a long illness, leaving her husband and children fond memories of her unwavering dedication. The business succession took shape gradually with the arrival of grandchildren. Philias Nadon also passed away a few years later, leaving the legacy of an industrious entrepreneur who did not keep tabs on his working hours. High goals and expectations had been set for his successors.

After working for several years, the eldest children, Réal and Yvain went into a well deserved retirement. Henri-Paul and Ginnette cut off their working hours to pave way for two of Yvain's and Réal's children Mario and Nathalie, the third generation of proprietors who would ensure the continuity of the family business. Just like Obelix, the children fell into a pot of magic potion when they were little! Nathalie Nadon joined the team in 2000, bringing a wealth of experience in sales, and went to work under the supervision of four great teachers.

A New Chapter for Nadon et Fils

Today, Nadon & Fils Inc. begins a new chapter in their history! After the retirement of 2 family members, Mario and Nathalie have decided to reiterate an important challenge. The one to join the Déco Surfaces banner, which is the largest network of floor covering in Quebec.

This association with Déco Surfaces allows the enterprise to stay at the forefront of the new trends of decoration and interior design products and services.

After more than 60 years of serving the people of the greater Outaouais area, it was important for the company to find its way to renew, to stay young!

Through its association with Benjamin Moore, Nadon et Fils Inc. is able to offer to its customers a wide range of products such as paint, blinds, window treatments, wallpaper, wood finish products, as well as all-related products in interior decoration. For Mario and Nathalie it's crucial to offer a professional service and they will make every effort they have to get you 100% satisfied.

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